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    We are currently working with an great band from Seatttle, called Massy Ferguson. We are trying a new thing, our job description is PR, Marketing and Biz Dev. It is a true creative partnership. Massy Ferguson are grown ups and do not need baby sitting. We have a new vision for how to work with artists and are going to be redifining the "management" relationship.

    Labyrynth was formed in 1993 with the intention of being an artist management company. We had just left David Graham's Music Unlimited, who's biggest management client was Blues Traveler. Shortly after founding Labyrynth, we signed The Mother Hips. It was a wild ride with The Mother Hips that saw the West Coast ignited by incredible live shows and a grassroots promotions campaign engineered by Labyrynth. Labyrynth got the band signed to American Recordings, helped to build them a strong live circuit, and helped to establish The Mother Hips as some of the West Coast's great grassroots heroes. In 1998 we began managing NRBQ. The New Rhythm and Blues Quartet was formed in 1967 in Miami they have recorded and released dozens of albums. They have played thousands of shows. NRBQ is one of American Rock's most critically acclaimed bands. They have a large and devoted following that includes many great musicians such as: Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitte, REM, Los Lobos, Elvis Costello, Wide Spread Panic, Steve Earle, Paul Westerberg and others. NRBQ is currently on hiatus. We provide management services for Baby Macaroni featuring Joey, Tommy & Johnny of NRBQ. We also work with singer songwriter, Avram Lavinsky. Labyrynth has managed: Jono Manson, Felonious, Steak, Jambay, Benjamin Kitestring and Nuts. We also continue to work with Billy's old compatriots, dreamspeak. dreamspeak is a seminal Jam band from the '80s New York scene that launched Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors, Joan Osborne and God Street Wine.

    Massy Ferguson (PR, Marketing & Biz Dev)

    NRBQ 1998-2004
    Mother Hips 1993-1996
    Steak 1994-1996
    Jambay 1994-1997
    Jono Manson1995-1999
    Felonious: One Love Hip Hop 1999-2002

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