Club Services

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    Labyrynth has extensive nightclub experience. Billy booked his first nightclub in Harlem in NYC from 1989-1990. Labyrynth has been the Talent Buyer(booker) and for many clubs in the Bay Area over the past 17 years. Labyrynth has also done Publicity and Promotions for nightclubs as well.

    Club Clients:
    19 Broadway in Fairfax 2000-2001 Talent Buyer(Booker)
    Blakes on Telegraph in Berkeley 1998-2003 Talent Buyer(Booker)/Publicity
    Last Day Saloon San Francisco 1997-2005 Talent Buyer(Booker)/Publicity/Promo
    Last Day Saloon Santa Rosa 2001-2005 Talent Buyer(Booker)
    Mancuso's In Novato 2000-2002 Talent Buyer(Booker)/Publicity-
    Paradise Lounge 1993-1994 Talent Buyer(Booker)
    Octopus Lounge 2003-2004 Talent Buyer(Booker)-
    Uptown Nightclub in Oakland 2005-2007 Talent Buyer(Booker)