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    Billy's roots in the music business are in band services. As the lyricist for the seminal New York Jam Band, dreamspeak, Billy was part of the band's management and booking team. During his tenure with Bill Graham, he was, among other things, a scout for Bill's Management Company. When Billy and Colleen left BGP to work for David Graham's Music Unlimited, they were intimately involved with Blues Traveler's Management and Booking. They were also involved with the management and booking of several other grass roots bands the company was developing. When Colleen and Billy founded Labyrynth, it was to be an Artist Management Company. Labyrynth has managed and booked a number of bands over the years. Below is a list of Labyrynth's current and past band clients and the services provided.

    Current Clients:
    Boys Gone Wild featuring members of Stroke 9 & Vertical Horizon 2005-Present
    dreamspeak 1985-present Billy is a member of the band
    Jono Manson 2002-Present US Booking 1995-1999 Management
    Massy Ferguson 2009-Present PR, Marketing & Biz Dev
    Petty Theft: The Ultimate Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Tribute
    Sistas In The Pit 2004-Present Booking
    Zoo Station: The Complete U2 Experience 2003-Present Booking

    Past Clients:
    Felonious: One Love Hip Hop 1999-2002 Management & Booking
    Jambay 1994-1997 Management
    Mother Hips 1993-1996 Management
    NRBQ 1998-2004 Management & Booking
    Sons of Champlin 2005-2006 Booking
    Steak 1994-1996 Management
    Zepparella: 4 Women Rocking Zeppelin Tunes 2005-2008 Booking